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Wonder Journey to our Moon

@just 550/- onwards for the Child in all of us ~ Chandigarh Tri-City

  • From 1,100 Indian rupees
  • Cup & Kitaab, Mohali

Service Description

Wonder Journey to the MOON ...for the "Child" in all of us! brought to you by WE the Wonder Explorers & Cup & Kitaab, Mohali. ~~~ Ticket @ Rs 550 per Participant (includes HOT/COLD drink of choice from offer. Check with Cup & Kitaab) We offer group / family bookings. Hence, single ticket option not available! Tkts start from Rs 1100 - Tkt for 2 ~~~ This is family evening - for Child in all of us! Not only for Kids. Limited Seats / slot / evening! ~~~ Month - April Dates - 15th - 18th April Timings - 7:30 pm onwards till 9:30 pm (Please Book your 45min Slot. Reach 10 minutes before your slot) 7:30 PM Slot - Open for everyone to Book 8:30 PM Slot - For family /group bookings. Pls contact us / Cup & Kitaab to book / reserve your family / froup slot directly! ~~~ Wonder Journey चाँद की सैर ~ THEME - MOON SAFARI - We will take you all to a Journey to our magnificent MOON. Fly-by experience going around our MOON! ~ Exploring deep craters on the Moon surface! + includes Beverage of Choice (HOT / COLD) from the offer. Check with Cup & Kitaab, F&B / Front Desk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Wonder Journey to the MOON evening: बचपन की दुनिया में NIGHT SKY Observation with the help of a High Powered Professional Telescope. Telescopic observation of Wonders of the Universe, in the Night SKY. (I) This is going to be once in a Lifetime Observation & Exploration! (II) These journey / evenings are for everyone... for the Child in all of us!! (III) Book for everyone - If you are planning to join, come along with your full family - your children and your parents as well...and don`t forget to bring the child in your own self! Important Note:: A) Please be 10-15 minutes before start time. This will help everyone to join with ease and enjoy this wonder journey! ~~~

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Cup & Kitaab, Phase 10 Inner Road, inside Silvi Park, Phase 10, Sector 64, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India


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