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"Your Wonder is contagious!

Nice Equipment." 

~ Eileen, Faculty - Music

"Wonder Astronomy" Camps — 14th ~ 17th October 2019,

Campsite Kanatal ~ Tehri Village Clusters with Woodstock School, Mussoorie faculty



Abhishek Sharma,

Traveler, Hotelier Shimla

We often look up at the sky and wonder about our place within the cosmos. Our planet's minute size and almost negligible significance in the infinite space that surrounds us is a humbling experience. When you get an opportunity to take a closer look at our near and distant neighbors in outer space, the experience is nothing short of ecstasy.
Wonder Explorers gave me this opportunity, rather a gift, recently at Kalga village in Parvati Valley. On a cloudy night that wasn't exactly ideal for stargazing, we waited patiently until the clouds parted for a brief moment like a stage curtain opening and closing giving us a peak at objects light years away. Patience being the key word, we were able to take a closer look at Jupiter moving in harmony its its moon and Saturn with its rings clearly visible.  We also identified several visible constellations and star clusters. Telescope was powerful and I remember we were looking at the butterfly cluster and we thought it looked more like a dragon fly. We sat outside playing hide and seek with the clouds and outer space till our necks started to hurt from looking up for so many hours. But our hearts were not content, we wanted to see more, much more. WE wonder when we will get another chance to explore what lies beyond our tiny planet.

Manish Dangwal.jpeg

Manish Dangwal,

Director Doon Bharti School New Delhi NCR

Our experience with Wonder Explorers (Mr. Rohit Chawla) for Astronomy Classes in Doon Bharti Public Sr. Sec. School (Faridabad) was truly wonderful. A true master of his subject who knows how to create interest for the practicals,  for better understanding the Solar System & celestial bodies. His approach to the subject is amazing and very new. Students love to study from him. His dedication is best observed when he takes the students for Sun and Moon watching through his massive Telescope.

Best Wishes to him

Manish Dangwal
Director – Doon Bharti Public Sr. Sec. Schools (Faridabad)
Director – Khazani Women’s Vocational Institute (Sehatpur, Faridabad)


K Sai Kumar,

PhD @IIT Roorkee

The moment we started trying hard to lift the bag up the hill (en-route Kalga) didn't realize that it the treasure of Astronomical vision...!

The moment we finished assembling the telescope... aisa laga ki... wahhh... kya maja aaya Telescope fit karne me...
To the moment we saw the spectacular Moon close to the naked eye just mesmerized us...

Again, after the dinner, we are very fortunate to see the Jupiter and it's main satellites with our eyes...

All these beautiful views add to the moments of our life and are only because of you and your telescope....
Wish to peep more into the celestial family from your dynamite (telescope)...!!


Thanks a lot sir...

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